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Document used in these transactions are always on irrevocable,unconditional, divisible and assignable basis.

Following documents are generally required.

• Copy of supply contract, or of its payment terms
• Copy of shipping documents including certificates of receipt, railway bill, airway bill, bill of lading or equivalent documents
• Copy of signed commercial invoice
• Letter of assignment and notification to the guarantor
• Letter of guarantee, or aval ( a form of guarantee from internationally recognized and credit worthy bank)
• A blank endorsement by a guarantor can be a substitute for aval .
• SBLC(Standby letter of credit ) can also be used.

What is KYC?

‘Know Your Client’ or KYC is a set of credential of present owners/partners of the beneficiary of Trade Finance Instrument. These essential documents are needed by the bank specially to know exporters thoroughly.

KYC contains generally following documents :

• Copy of Resgistration (CR)
• The MOU of association
• Copy of Articles of association
• Latest audited financial reports from Chartered Accountant.
• Passport copies of each aurthorised signatory.
• Original copy of latest Water / Electricity Bills of the company
• Original electricity bill of each authorized signatory
• Details of the company’s bank account.

What is aval/ avalisation ?

Generally the importer’s credit facility is supported by a valid trade finance instrument such as BOE, BG etc. The value is added to the paper by the bank’s guarantee, by the way of ' per aval ' endorsement. The process is called as avalisation and equally the receivables may take the form of a term draft drawn under a documentary letter of credit.
The aval is the Forfaiters' preferred form of security of payment of a bill or note. The aval may be placed on the face of the note.Somecountries, where aval is not legally binding, guarantee is issued.Usually it is provided in a separate letter.

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