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Forfaiting is flexible enough to accept the terms instead of conventional fixed rate, medium term ( one to five years) and tenor can be varied from 90 days to nearly 10 years, depending upon the terms and conditions, country of issuing the trade finance instrument and the guarantor.

Structure of Payment :
Efficient, prompt and tailor made structure of payment can be made quarterly, semi-annually, annually or on a bullet basis.
Financing can be usually made on a fixed interest rate, but floating rate option is also available.

Forfaiting provides cash payment at the time of shipment and on a non-recourse basis.

Eliminating Risk of :
Defferred payments from the importer.
Non-repayment from the creditors.
Fluctuation in rate of interest and foreign currency.

No partial risk retention by the exporter with 100 percent financing solution provision.

Competitive Advantage :
Exporting products to the countries known to be of high credit risk.
Improving the sales of product, by attracting importers with the facility of discountable trade finance instrument.

Better Working Capital :
Improving cash flow by offloading the burden of cash receivables from the balance sheet.
Converting credit-based to cash –based transaction.

Transaction Simplicity :
Faster transaction speed with tailor made financing solutions.
Simplied documentation, usually concise and straight-forward.
No restriction on the country of export


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