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Bahrain Forafiting Corporation is the first Islamic Forfaiting corporation in the world, and has been established with the aim of making BFC an international leading provider of value added Islamically acceptable trade finance Instruments and services to customers worldwide.

We are a Bahrain based forfaiting company established in 2006, specializing in sourcing export finance for those 'difficult' markets on behalf of our client base of exporters and international trade finance professionals.


BFC unique model is a new alternative export financing system to the conventional forfaiting.

Our Model Provides you complete solution

  • It is risk-free, aggressive, flexible, cost effective and world class.

  • It makes exporters more competitive.

  • Bahrain Forfaiting Corporation (BFC) arranges forfaiting and other trade finance services primarily through Islamic Financial Institutions to Companies in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region for these countries.
  • BFC enables you to focus on your primary business rather than trying to stay current on the sources and availability of trade finance for a particular transaction.
  • We pride ourselves on providing quick responses and personal attention to the essential details of each transaction.
  • The transaction structure of BFC

    1) Financing Bank (FB) signs a Mudarabah Agreement and/or Sharia Complied Debt against Commodity Master Agreement with Bahrain Forfaiting Corporation (BFC).

    2) Financing Bank disburses funding in accordance to the agreed upon the implementation procedure and rules of acceptance and processing of each transaction.

    3) BFC, acting as the mudarib for the FB, uses the funding to generate Forfaiting business.

    4) BFC approaches exporters who are dealing with clients based throughout the world. These exporters are selling to their buyers on secured terms, with LC’s, Promissory Notes, PDC’s etc. BFC provides post-shipment export financing to these exporters, therefore BFC is a provider of Post shipment Export Forfaiting.

    5) Sourced transactions is normally bear by the buyer’s Bank, who has issued/ avalised the Trade Finance Instrument.

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